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Although our planes spend much of their time parked at home, it sometimes becomes challenging to find a scheduling vacancy over a weekend or during the vacation season. In order to fairly accommodate these 'prime' scheduling choices, we ask all members to conscientiously observe the following rules, practices and courtesies:

• Aircraft are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.
• Minimum billable time is one-hour-per-day for cross country flights.
• Maximum sign-out time for the 182 and R182 is 15 consecutive days.
• Maximum sign-out time for the 172 is 9 consecutive days.
• Only one aircraft per family membership may be used at any one time.

• In consideration of the R182 being used extensively for cross country flights, it is advisable to avoid scheduling it for short flights a long time in advance, especially around the holidays and weekends.
• Members are requested to schedule planes so that there are no more than two weekends scheduled per member at any one time. The exception being, one additional weekend may be scheduled if that weekend is less than two weeks in advance.
• When unable to take a scheduled flight, release the aircraft.
• When returning early from a flight, release the aircraft.
• When unable to return the plane at its scheduled time, contact the next scheduled person to advise him/her of the situation.

• Never schedule 'just in case' block-time. For example, "I'm not sure when I want to fly, so I'll just schedule several days so that a plane will be available to me just in case I want to use it."
• In a situation where a member is trying to schedule a cross country flight and is unable to do do so because of one or two short flights previously scheduled by other members, we encourage the following:
The scheduling member determines what other aircraft are available at the conflicting times for possible use by the previously scheduled member.
The scheduling member contacts the previously scheduled member an asks if he or she would consider rescheduling to another time or using another aircraft pointing out what other planes are available at the same time.
The previously scheduled member uses another aircraft or reschedules at another time.